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17 May 2022

Tribute to Harley

For any former players - with Uni or otherwise - who played with or knew Brett ''''Harley'''' Youngberry, the club (in conjunction with the Lake Camels) will be holding a ''''first pitch'''' ceremony at 12 midday on 21 May 2022 prior to the 6th grade game that day. We are playing at home at Pendlebury Oval, 1A Roy Ave Bolton Point. Brett''''s wife Michelle and their children Matt and Lucy will be attending, and Michelle will be throwing the pitch.
The timing is is only possible because rain has washed out the first 6 rounds of the 2022 competition - and if we are washed out again on 21 May, we will have an alternative ''''drop in'''' event at Teralba Bowling Club, 2A/2C York St, Teralba NSW 2284, from noon - 2pm, where friends can gather to raise a glass to our former player.


10 May 2022

remembering Harley

What a rotten season start! All 5 rounds to date have been washed out (and most clubs in the NBA are in the same boat - no pun intended). Round 6 is scheduled for 14 May at Pendlebury Oval against Phoenix Charlestown - fingers crossed the rain forecast for this week doesn''t wash us out again.
Whatever happens this weekend, the Club will be staging a short event on 21 May (also at Pendlebury Oval) to remember our friend and former player Brett ''Harley'' Youngberry. This was originally planned as a ''first pitch'' ceremony for round 1, but the weather didn''t co-operate (although given the rain we''ve had, we can probably still get good odds that 21 May will be ''first pitch'' day!!).
If you knew or played with Harley, the club invites you to come to the ground and join in the event. It wont be long or overly formal - just our way of recognising our mate - but it may be a chance to catch up with friends or - gasp - actually see some baseball played.
Details will be posted here; and circulated to club members and those for whom we have contacts, next week.


29 Mar 2022

Season start delayed

The 2022 season is delayed due to bad weather - new start date is the weekend of 9 April 2022. Keep an eye on the club WhatsApp channels for further news


10 Mar 2022

2022 Registrations

Lake Camels is now able to take registrations via Sportlomo. (Dont concern yourself with the difference between Sports HQ or Sports Club HQ and Sportlomo, we dont know and, to be honest, we dont care what the distinction is – bottom line: Sportlomo is where you need to go).

Here’s how to register:

1 Go to Baseball NSWs home page (
2 Click the Register Here button – the big blue sucker at top right.
3 Scroll down through the various metropolitan etc. listings until you get to Newcastle Baseball Association.
4 Select Lake Camels from the list of available clubs [DO NOT try to register with either UniBaseball or Lake Macquarie Baseball Club – although they appear in the list; neither will allow registrations with those clubs]
5 That will take you to the Sportlomo registration page, which will display the available memberships for Lake Camels for 2022. Almost everyone (apart from Wiz, I think) should select BNSW Senior Winter 2021/2022 – the first item. (You dont need to select any other categories, even if you are a coach, manager, canteen coordinator, etc.)
6 If you already have a Sportlomo account; log in. [Anyone who was registered with Uni (or another club) in 2021 should already have such an account]. If not, create an account.
7 Once you have logged in you should be able to see your previous registrations (if you have any)
8 Click on add/renew in the green bar
9 The available membership types should appear below. Unless you are currently playing summer baseball, select BNSW Senior Winter 2021/2022 $175
10 Even though the Total Cost (ex-fees) shows 0.00, click Continue’
12 You then need to complete the Personal Data page (For reasons unknown, none of it is pre-filled for returning members). Then click Register
13 Then, follow the prompts to register/renew. Expect to pay $70 for BBNSW, $55 for Baseball Australia capitation and $50 for Lake Camel club fees. There is also an unavoidable service charge of $6.34 for Visa and M/C. Remember that the balance of your club fee must be paid direct to either UniBaseball or LMBC Inc. as the case may be. This can be paid via our Square on Sunday when you complete your club registration form.
14 After successful registration you will receive 2 emails. One from Sports Club HQ and one from Sportlomo (weird we know)
15 IMPORTANT: Forward ONLY the Sportlomo email confirming your registration to This will allow you to avoid being hassled by our treasurer and registrar every day from now to the start of the season! (The Sports Club HQ email does not need to be forwarded, as it is useless.)
16 Please register asap – the NBA wants us to advise the number of teams we are entering by 20 March 2022, so we need to know how many players we have for 2022 BEFORE that date. As we said last year about UniBaseball, if people delay registration, the club may be forced to enter fewer teams than we’d like to – meaning less opportunity for game time. So please get your skates on people! 


15 Sep 2021

AGM 2021

A reminder that the Club''s AGM will be held, by Zoom due to public health orders, at 6:30pm on Saturday 18 September 2021. Please refer to club Newsletters or your team WhatsApp group chats, for login details.


24 Aug 2021

Season Over?

As most of you will know by now, Baseball NSW has cancelled the remainder of the winter baseball season, due to the covid-19 pandemic and ongoing lockdowns. However this is for Sydney only. The NBA is waiting to see if lockdown orders extend beyond 28 August before making a call on the local comp. We will let you know if and when we know more .


11 Aug 2021

Covid-19 suspension

As announced by the Premier at 11:00 on 11 August 2021, in light of the 14 new infections overnight, the lockdown orders for Newcastle and nearby council areas are likely to be extended. The extended date is not yet clear, but likely at least a further week.
The NBA competition will obviously continue to be suspended for the duration of lockdown; and we can''t train or meet. The regular season was scheduled to finish on 21 August, with finals to follow. It is presently unclear what effect the continuing lockdown will have on arrangements for the end of the playing season; but we will advise as soon as we can - probably via the whatsapp team chats. Stay safe and keep positive!


20 Jun 2021

Past Players day

A big thank you to the several brave ''Old Boys'' (and girls) who came out to watch our games at Boomerang Field on 19 June, on what was one of the most miserable playing days imaginable. Several also came back to our social event at the Mayfield West Bowlo, to share stories of bygone glory. We plan to run this as a regular annual event, so if you want to be included on future mailing lists, please drop us a line with your current email address.

As to the games themselves, despite the conditions and rain delays in both games, 6th grade battled back from losing a good lead, to take the points at the death. 5th grade had to settle for a draw when the bottom of the final inning was ended by rain, with Uni up 11:6.


07 Jun 2021

Womens Rep team

Congratulations to Emily Moy, Nyoaki Pearce and Lili McLean-Prosser, all of whom have been selected in the Newcastle Womens Rep team to contest the NSW Country Championships on 17/18 July 2021, near Wollongong. Woo Hoo. Have a blast ladies, and show them how to play the Camel way :)


26 May 2021

New Training schedule

Commencing on 11 May 2021, Camels'''' weekly training will alternate between a Tuesday batting cage (11 May and every 2nd Tuesday following) and a Wednesday field session (19 May and every 2nd Wednesday following). Bothe commence at 5:30pm at Boomers batting cage, and Stevenson #1 respectively.


16 Apr 2021


Our planned Trial Game on 17 April at Woodberry is cancelled. Our season Opener function is still on - at the Newcastle Hotel Islington on 17 April from 6pm.


16 Apr 2021

Updated AAA draw

1 11/4 Woodberry Fred Harvey, Woodberry SUNDAY H
2 17/4 BYE
3 24/4 Nelson Bay Boomerang Field H
4 1/5 Belmont Lumsden, Belmont H
5 8/5 Maitland Roy Jordan, Gillieston Heights H
6 15/5 Phoenix Windsor, Gateshead A
7 22/5 White Sox Plattsburgh, Wallsend A
8 30/5 Nelson Bay Don Waring, Nelson Bay SUNDAY A
9 6/6 Woodberry Fred Harvey, Woodberry SUNDAY A
11 19/6 Boomers Boomerang Field A
12 26/6 Seaham Brandon Park, Seaham H
13 3/7 BYE
14 10/7 Belmont Miller Field, Belmont A
15 17/7 Phoenix Windsor, Gateshead H
16 24/7 White Sox Plattsburgh, Wallsend H
17 1/8 Woodberry Fred Harvey, Woodberry SUNDAY A
18 7/8 Maitland Roy Jordan, Gillieston Heights A
19 14/8 Seaham Brandon Park, Seaham H
20 21/8 Boomers Boomerang Field H
28/8 major and minor semis
4/9 Preliminary final
11/9 Grand Final


06 Apr 2021

change to competition draw

Please note the Round 2 AAA games between Uni and Maitland, originally scheduled for Sunday 18 April, is now on SATURDAY 17 April. Time and venue remain unchanged.


06 Apr 2021

Social event 17 April

Our season opener is on at our sponsor, Newcastle Hotel Islington, from 6pm on 17 April 2021. All club members and their friends are welcome to attend. Playing members will be subsidised for food and drinks up to $40 pp. Come along and meet clubmates and friends and get to know them off the diamond.


25 Mar 2021

AAA League draw

The NBA released a draft draw at its season opening function on 19 March. If it remains unchanged, the first few rounds for AAA teams are as follows:

SUNDAY 11/4 Vs Woodberry At Fred Harvey (Woodberry)
SUNDAY 18/4 Vs Maitland At Ray Jordan (Maitland)
SATURDAY 24/4 Vs Seaham At Brandon Park (Seaham)
SATURDAY 1/5 Vs Belmont At Lumsden (Belmont)
SATURDAY 8/5 Vs Toronto At Waterboard (Toronto)

Details of ground locations can be obtained by going to DRAW/RESULTS on this website; then 5TH Grade; then to the hyperlinked ground name in the right hand column.


20 Mar 2021

indoor batting 21 March

The Club has booked an indoor batting cage at Hawkeyes Edgeworth, for 2 hours from 2:30pm on Sunday 21 March. The address is:

Hawkeye''s Field of Dreams
Unit 13, 14 Superior Ave, Edgeworth NSW 2285

All members are welcome but we have limited time because of other bookings, so if you arrive late you may miss out. [We''d particularly like to see our newer recruits attend, so we can have a look at you batting to help us make grading decisions.]

Also a reminder that the cut-off date for registrations is now very close. If you do intend to play, please, please, please help the committee out by going on-line and registering this weekend!! The link is:


17 Mar 2021

Deadline for registrations

As advised in Newsletter #4, the Sportlomo online player registration system has been ''''''''live'''''''' since 11 March 2021. Right now, we have just 6 registered players (and one, GLo, who is valiantly trying to do so!) although we estimate about 40+ people have said they want to play in 2021. That should be enough for 3 good squads - and should be possible on the indicative numbers – but it doesn''''''''t look great right now.

This is a reminder that unless you actually register, the club doesn’t know how many teams it can enter in the competition: and we must tell the NBA how many teams we are entering, and in what grades, by 28 March. At a practical level the committee needs ''''''''real'''''''' numbers by 24 March - that is just 7 days away folks - so we can make the decision on teams.
It is a ''''''''chicken and egg'''''''' proposition: if you don’t register promptly, we may be forced to register less teams than we''''''''d like to. If we have less teams, that means we have less spots for you to play in. Anyone who ''''''''comes out of the woodwork'''''''' after 24 March, may just find they don’t get a run, or spend a fair bit of time on the bench. If the Club is forced to register reduced teams because people delay in registering, we WILL give priority to those who register early.

So, the committee''''''''s simple message is this:

IF. YOU. WANT. TO. PLAY. GET. ONLINE. AND. BLEEPING. REGISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The registration process was set out in Newsletter #4, so please refer to it for the ''''''''how to'''''''' details - but if you encounter any problems, or you cant find the Newsletter, please contact the secretary for assistance.


10 Mar 2021

On line Regos now open

On line registrations are now open.

The Registration Process has been set out in Newsletter #4 , which was sent on 9 March 2021.

If you didnt get it, but want to play with the Camels in winter 2021, please contact the club secretary at:


01 Mar 2021

Facebook and Insta

Facebook and Insta - both these accounts are now live for 2021. Check them out for club information; tips on technique and the occasional video


24 Feb 2021

BBNSW February Newsletter

BBNSW''''s February 2021 Newsletter has been released. Cut and paste the link below to your browser, to read it. There is a particularly interesting article (page 9) on pitching mechanics, and what you can and should do to prevent injury. The tips can easily be applied by position players as well.


24 Feb 2021


The UNSA Student Representative Council (SRC) are now taking nominations for the brand-new Experience & Engagement committee!

This is an opportunity for a representative from your club to give input and feedback to help positively impact students’ out-of-class experience at UON. This includes discussion, recommendations and promotion of extra-curricular activities including UNSA events, clubs and societies, and volunteering.

There are seven (7) positions available - clubs from each campus location are needed. Your club may nominate one of its members, who must be endorsed by your club executive.

The Committee Terms of Reference (TOR) is attached to Newsletter #3/2021 - this sets out the committee’s responsibilities in more detail. There will be a commitment of approximately eight (8) meetings per year, ie. around one per month. Meeting dates and times TBC.

Together we have the exciting opportunity to advise the SRC on student experience; propose events and activities (including funding applications); coordinate inter-club collaboration and promote participation to students! As one example, the SRC is currently considering dedicated clubs spaces at Callaghan and NewSpace campuses to help facilitate club meetings and events

A reminder to get your nominations in by 5pm Monday 1st March for the UNSA Experience & Engagement Committee!

Simply send the name, club and email address of your club’s nominee to

If you’re unsure about the commitment or would like more details, please also get in touch.


16 Feb 2021

Why join the Camels?

University of Newcastle Baseball Club - The Camels

Our Club has been around since 1982 and we have competed in the local Newcastle Baseball Association competition continuously since then. Our teams have won competitions in most grades over the years and Newcastle Uni is the current University Games champion team, having won in 2019 (there were no games in 2020).

Why join the Camels?
Well, we have always been an inclusive club that tries to cater for all abilities, from raw beginners who want to learn a new sport, to more experienced players with gun arms or booming bats. We also like to win but we''''''''''''''''re a generally social bunch who like to have fun when playing – winning is certainly nice but it aint everything!
Our numbers vary from year to year depending on how many new students join us; but in some years we have had 9 teams. In several years we have had all girl (or nearly) teams; but were very comfortable with mixed teams too. We have a number of older members - mostly graduates who played with us as students – so there is a blend of youth and experience. We also often have a number of overseas students in our teams, particularly from other baseball playing countries like the USA, Japan and Korea.

Local Baseball
Baseball is a reasonably popular minor sport in Newcastle and the Hunter. There are around 20 clubs in the competition and 6 grades. Many of the lower grade teams are pretty competitive so the standard of play can be quite good.

What will it cost?
As a student you already belong to NUSport, so the only cost is our club fee ($65 for students) and the registration fee to Baseball NSW (just under $120). Our season runs from 10 April until finals in September, so that works out at about $10.00 a game for a full season.
We also generally gather for a beverage or two after training and games, so being a Camel is a good way to get to meet new people.

What if I have never played before?
Not a problem. If you have reasonable hand/eye coordination, you''''''''''''''''ll be able to hit a ball with practice. We can provide training in the basics of batting, fielding and throwing and you''''''''''''''''ll soon work out if this is a game you enjoy. It helps if you have your own glove, but the club can provide some loan equipment while you make your mind up.

What if I have played before?
Even better! You''''''''''''''''ll already know at least the basics; and probably heaps more. You may be able to teach us new tricks (and you likely already have a glove thats worn in!)

Why are we called the Camels

Many years ago, one of our pitchers was having a pretty bad day and let fly with a few expletives when he threw bad pitches or got hit around. He was warned that, if he kept going, he''''''''''''''''d be ejected from the game. So, for his next expletive he called out Camel instead – and kept using it until the end of the game. The word stuck and was later adopted as our nickname.

What happens next?
You can do any or all of:
- sign up at our O-week stall near the Bakehouse; or,
- come to the ''''''''''''''''Come and Try session at #2 Oval on 18 February between 11am – 2:00pm and have a try at throwing and catching – well be setting up our target net and well also have a speed gun; so come over and see how fast, or accurately, you can throw a baseball. There will be prizes for the best UoN student performers who also join the Club; or,
- attend one of our pre-season training sessions at Stevenson Park (on Industrial Highway Mayfield, behind Boomerang Field) each Sunday afternoon between 4pm-6pm. Meet some other club members and have a more extended throw and take a few cuts with a bat.
For more information or if you have any questions, feel free to contact our Club Secretary:
Tony Cavanagh
Secretary, University Baseball Club
M: 0419 624 882


15 Feb 2021

2021 Executive Committee

President: Ian Boulton 0437 262 900
Vice Pres: Percy Damian 0406 986 929
Secretary: Tony Cavanagh 0419 624 882
Treasurer: Ryan Minnet 0447 439 262
Committee Members: Kieran Jackson, Chris Martinu


15 Feb 2021

Pre Season Training 2021

Pre-Season training for the 2021 season (which starts on 10 April 2021) has begun!!
Get excited folks - the first baseball competition in Newcastle since 2019 is not far away.
We will train every Sunday until 28 March 2021 at Stevenson Park, Field 1 (behind the first base line of the main baseball diamond) from 4pm until around 6pm. Grab your glove, bat and cleats and come down to start loosening up.


15 Feb 2021

2021 fees

Fees for 2021
All Club members must also be NUSport members. Students will already have joined NUSport, but graduates or other external members must separately join before we can put you ''''on the books''''. The fee for a graduate is $65.00; the fee for an external member is $90.00.

All players in the Newcastle Baseball Association competition must pay a fee to Baseball NSW. In 2021 that is $115 for senior players (plus an online processing fee of just under $5.00). Details about the on-line registration process will be published soon.

Newcastle University Baseball Club''s 2021 fees are: $65.00 for students; and $120 for non-students.


14 Aug 2018


5th Grade are through to the Grand Final!! Head out to Toronto at 2:30pm on Saturday (1st September) to support our team


27 Jan 2018

2018 Committee

The new committee for the 2018 season is as follows:
President: Percy Damian
Vice President: Andrew Wood
Secretary: Jarrod Hallinan
Treasurer: Katherine Johnston
Publicity: Jade Devere
Social Co-Ordinators: Ellie Dean & Michelle Wolstenholme


02 Sep 2016

SUPPORT 4th Grade

SUPPORT 4th GRADE this weekend at Windsor Oval (Phoenix home ground) at midday in their semi final.